Company History


Technology trends come and go. International Chanel Electronic Services Co. Ltd. (ICCES) aspires to become a global pioneer in Wireless and Satellite Communication system & solution Integration, service and support provisions in the midst of absolute honesty and keeping business ethics intact.

  • 2019 Tracking service provider approved by Public Transport Authority

    ICCES got official license for Tracking Service provider from Public Transport Authority. As a Tracking Service provider our aim to organize and develop all Private Car, Public Transport, Private Transport, Public Bus, Private Bus, Taxi, Heavy Equipment, Motorcycle etc. in addition to supporting activities and making them highly economical and social with the help of technology like accident sensor, weight sensor, temperature & humidity and many more.

  • 2016 Launch our VSAT HUB in Egypt

    We expanded our VSAT business even more by launching our second HUB this time in Egypt to cover African countries like Egypt, South Sudan, morocco and Libya.

  • 2014 ISO Certified

    ICCES got certified with international standardization for ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System from British Certifications Inc.

  • 2014 Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) License.

    We became Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) provider and licensed by communications and information technology Commission (CITC), since then we are providing our services and products to control and monitor locations and performance of fleet of vehicles, such as for transport, distribution and other services to help manage such vehicles remotely through the use of GPS technology via mobile and/or satellite networks and short messaging systems.

  • 2012 Royal Protocol Infrastructure

    Royal Protocol Infrastructure Project in Conference Palace Jeddah and Guest Palace Makkah. ICCES awarded turn key project of Infrastructure deployment consist of Structure cabling (Fiber, Copper), Switching, Firewall and WiFi network which was challenging due to very short time frame of completion. After successful completion, ICCES been awarded several project from Royal Protocol in different part of the kingdom to develop the complete infrastructure in the palaces.

  • 2011 Own VSAT Earth Station

    We built our own HUB hosted in Germany to serve our customers in deferent platform and cover countries in Europe and Middles East.

  • 2009 VSAT license

    Got our VSAT license from Communication & Information Technology Commission (CITC) and we start building Telecommunications Network in the Kingdom using (VSAT) System in which we operate and maintain the network to provide telecommunication services in the Kingdom.

  • 2005 Cisco Partner

    We was succeed to pass all the required exam for our technician, engineers as well the sales Cisco Exam and from that day we just improve our knowledge with Cisco products to keep ICCES updated with latest technology in this category.