Fire Alarm Solutions

Fire Alarm Solutions

The vast majority of buildings need a fire alarm to ensure the protection of life and property. In order to safeguard any place from fire, you need to install a dependable fire alarm system. We are involved in rendering trusted services for fire alarm system installation. They are the safest and most reliable way of informing all employees and staff of a fire situation.

Fire detectors are designed to detect one or more of the three characteristics of fire-smoke, heat and flame. Besides it every fire detection system must include manual call points (break glass), so that in the event of fire can be of immediate help.

In some small, open-plan, single-storey offices and shops, a fire may be obvious to everyone as soon as it starts. In these cases, where the number and position of exits and the travel distance to them is adequate, a simple shout of ‘FIRE’ or a simple manually operated device, such as a gong or air horn that can be heard by everybody when operated from any single point within the building, may be all that is needed. Where a simple shout or manually operated device is not adequate, it is likely that an electrical fire warning system will be required.


Providing Fire Alarm Installation in Saudi Arabia.

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