Fleet Management System


We invested and developed advanced fleet management platform, that solves problems of logistics company, taxi and rent a car operators and individual car owners. Recently we got official license for the Tracking Service Provider from Public Transport Authority, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fleet Management System is primarily utilized by organizations offering services in travel, logistics, and supply chain. With the advancements in geo-location technology that enable tracking of vehicles through GPS. This system helps improve business efficiency by monitoring and managing vehicles constantly on the go.

The Feet management system acts as a central control system that integrates operations, helps regulate the entire vehicle fleet and real-time monitoring of individual vehicles. Our fleet management system ensures continuous operation of taxi, trucks and other vehicles by using GPS satellite navigation.

The importance and specifications of the car anti-theft device

ICCES car tracking device locates locations via GPS and GPRS service with high accuracy so that the device enables you to know the current location of the vehicle and follow its movements as you can know its location in case the car is stolen you can follow where its current location

The tracking device can be installed for all types of vehicles (trucks, buses, small and large cars). Our tracking device can also be installed with a weight sensor to obtain an operating card from the Public Transport Authority.

The device is designed to work under the most natural conditions such as high temperature and humidity, and it has a two-year guarantee.

Also, the device can receive detailed reports on the speed, the number of kilometers, the number of working hours of the engine, and others. READ MORE..


How does it work?

System Features


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An overall view of all the needed details in the company: vehicles, reports, events, notifications, geofences, etc. are all shown in a single comprehensive page.

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Live Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking displays current location and fleet status, along with address, sensor and other attribute information.

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Remote Device Upgrades

Firmware upgrades and configuration changes remotely, reduce the time needed to fix a device related issue without any dedicated application.

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Vehicle Peripherals

All possible terminals with digital/analog outputs such as seat belt sensor, temperature sensor, doors sensors, weight sensor etc. can be integrated with our system.

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Integration With Business

ICCES is capable of being integrated with other customers related systems: ERP, HRM systems, or workforce management, fleet maintenance and other CRM.

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Notifications appears both in the web pages and in mobile app. Admins can configure the notifications method according to their such as email or SMS.

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Driver Behavious

Driver and vehicle safety are primary concerns. By tracking driving behaviour, we can assist the driver to avoid Rash Driving, Harsh Braking etc.

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Maintenance Update

Monitor vehicle maintenance and determine the dates and action list of the next visit, so you can save time, money, effort and enhance customer’s experience

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Send road assistance even before needed, stop the car remotely in case of theft and send alerts to drivers in any case of emergency.

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Whether you are a single vehicle or a fleet owner, ICCES is determined to protect and monitor your asset from theft or harm