Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems (ACS) allow you to decide who goes through which doors in a building and at what times. The access range starts with a simple system for up to two doors and moves through to sophisticated Multi-site systems. Whether the need is for a basic wall-mounted proximity card reader, a sophisticated Biometric or combination PIN, card swipe and fingerprint reader.

Access Control System are advanced Security Device Installation Services which consist of the entire available security device and administered all the available devices from one place. These systems can be customized to meet the need of an individual who needs Door Access Control Systems, burglar alarm, fire detection, carbon mono oxide detection system and CCTV Cameras.

Most importantly in this system very sensitive censors are placed everywhere of the house which can communicate with the central control unit placed at one place and this control unit is connected with each and every installed security devices like CCTV camera, door locks, telephone, internet etc. therefore these advanced security system is available in monitored or non monitored , it simply activate the loud alarm or flash light which intimate the owner about security breach or some sort of wrong detection. In the case of monitored security system, it is connected with central monitoring unit 24×7 and it receives the signal about intrusion. Systems make a phone call in the home within a second and the person who answers the call need to spell his name and pass-code. Whereas in the case of non-monitored security system systems, device is equipped with telephone which makes an immediate call to police to intimate about the intrusion whenever it detected some sort of breach of security system.

Biometric Access Control System

Integrated Access Control Systems

Does your property already have an existing access control or security system? If so, it’s important a new or updated system integrates with your existing hardware.

At ICCES, we specialize in integrating new security technologies into your existing network. Our goal: Creating an integrated system that operates harmoniously.

Providing Integrated Access Control Systems in Saudi Arabia.

From home to office and yard to warehouse , ICCES is determined to protect and monitor your asset from theft or harm

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