We invested and developed advanced fleet management platform, that solves problems of logistics company, taxi and rent a car operators and individual car owners. Recently we got official license for the tracking service provider from Public Transport Authority, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We deliver WIFI networks running over fiber optic infrastructure. A WiFi network gives you the convenience and mobility to access your shared files. We provide services in both Royal, government and private. Recently, we delivered WIFI networks in all Royal Protocol palaces in the Eastern Province.

ICCES have more than seven years of experience in the design and implementation of Fiber Optic Infrastructure or Telecommunications Outside Plant or commonly referred to as OSP. As the need for broadband networks increases, fiber deployments will continue to accelerate globally…

What we Offer

Integrity and Reliability being our core values as we strive to bring to clients timely and best suited solution that meets their objectives


Surveillance Business Solutions

If you’re starting a company or own a small business, securing your assets and personnel is a step never to be overlooked. we provide Time Attendance, Access Controls & Intercom and Video Door Phone.


CCTV Business Solutions

Your CCTV Could be a business improvement tool. The security of assets that we aim to ensure through Analog CCTV Camera, IP CCTV Camera, Automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR), Object Counting Camera.


Wired Network Solutions

We offer Data Center, Servers, Switches, Routers, IP Phone, Call Manager design and implementation solutions. ICCES serves a wide variety of industries, including transportation, commercial, manufacturing, universities/schools, healthcare organizations, and Royal, government offices.


Wireless and Mobility Solutions

We provide High Performance, High Experience with right information at the right time. ICCES offers Indoor Access Points, Outdoor and Industrial Access Points, Wireless LAN controller, Cloud-managed access point and Point to Point Connection.


Fleet Solutions

We have Fleet Management and vehicle tracking platform with the features like Accident Sensors, Weight Sensors, GeoZones, GeoCorridors, Alerts (Over speeding, Power Fail, SOS, Low Battery, Geo-fence boundary breach, Etc.), Reports (Email, HTML, CSV, XML and XLS), Remote Engine Cut Off/Restore, Real Time Mapping Display and many more.


Fiber Optic solutions

In recent years it has become apparent that fiber-optics are replacing copper wire as an appropriate means of communication signal transmission. We Covers Arranging Cable in FDT, Termination, Patching and PAT, Installation, Termination and arrangement of Fiber enclosures, Installation Termination and Testing TBS

ICCES at a Glance

Who We Serve?

We cover different sectors, from transport and logistics companies, sea crafts like fishing boats, yachts and more. Check the full list.

  • Transport and Logistics Companies

    Transport and Logistics Companies

  • School Bus Service Companies

    School Bus Service Companies

  • Taxi and Rent a Car Operators

    Taxi and Rent a Car Operators

  • Construction Heavy Machineries

    Construction Heavy Machineries

  • Human


  • Containers & Cargoes

    Containers & Cargoes

  • Hospital Ambulances

    Hospital Ambulances

  • Warehouse (Temperature & Humidity)

    Warehouse (Temperature & Humidity)

Our Clients

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