Anti-theft Device Importance

The importance of anti-theft device

ICCES car tracking device locates locations via GPS and GPRS service with high accuracy so that the device enables you to know the current location of the vehicle and follow its movements as you can know its location in case the car is stolen you can follow where its current location.
The tracking device can be installed for all types of vehicles (trucks, buses, small and large cars) and a tracking device can also be installed with a weight sensor to obtain an operating card from the Public Transport Authority.
The device is designed to work under the most natural conditions such as high temperature and humidity, and it has a two-year guarantee.

Vehicle tracking device to protect it from theft

Lately, auto theft has spread around the world. And it has become a common problem among the countries, as it is taken for trade or by selling spare parts. This causes many car owners to worry, and many of them resort to searching for the best ways to protect them. So, we will offer you a car protection device from ICCES.

Vehicle protection device against theft and the best tracking device

Many people leave their cars in open and not closed places such as garages, and they may be exposed to theft of their cars. Therefore, many of them are looking for the best ways to protect the car from theft, and to secure it with the best methods and modern technologies, which are car tracking devices.
Many of us know that recently car theft has become more professional and that traditional alarms are not sufficient to secure cars better. So what is the best and best solution to secure and protect cars from repeated thefts? Tracking and protection device for cars
You can track the car wherever you go, even if it is stolen, you can monitor and determine the location with great precision. And that is through the purchase and installation of a tracking device in the car that works with global positioning systems GPS which works with a global navigation system for positioning via direct communication with satellites through smart phones.

Advantages of car tracking devices

  • It tracks your cars to prevent any attempt to steal them.
  • The tracking device enables you to see your car wherever you are.
  • The device keeps all the information it records about your car's itinerary in a detailed and accurate way.

The importance of a car tracking device for the family

Car tracking devices and hidden car trackers are very useful when you have one or more family drivers. And you want to check on them if they go shopping or anywhere with the driver by tracking and monitoring the driver's behavior.

It is also useful for commercial and practical purposes in the event that you have employees who must drive your cars.

How to tell the operating card?

To the extent that the Public Transport Authority imposed on all trucks the installation of a vehicle tracking device with a weight sensor to be able to extract the operating card, and accordingly we can install a tracking device for you with a weight sensor to be able to extract the operating card by the Public Transport Authority

Alerts & Notifications

  • Instant alerts for several events that occurred in the field of work, according to the settings for that
  • Alerts in case of running, over speeding, and using the vehicle in an unfair use such as drifting
  • Alerts in the event that the vehicle crosses the established lane and enters and leaves the prohibited places
  • Alerts in case of using the car during outside working hours
  • It reminds you of the periodic maintenance appointments for your car, as well as sends alerts about vehicle conditions.
  • Notifications of the expiry date of the insurance, the form, or any documents related to the vehicle and the driver, such as the license


Real Time GPS Tracking

Asset’s position, speed, direction and route can be monitored in ‘real-time’ and displayed on a user-friendly map user interface. The user interface also displays all other related data like address and Geo-fence name, and sensor status like engine status, digital input status and temperature.

You can also determine the starting, end and stopping points of the vehicle with high accuracy and follow the vehicle through smart phones (we have an application for Android and iPhone) and you can also use the browser from the computer and you can set safe speeds with sending warnings if the specified speeds are exceeded with the possibility of stopping the car using the application.

History Playback

Through a sophisticated web-based user interface, user could load and replay vehicle track on the past. This enables user to see and analyze the position and route taken by the vehicle.

Trip Analyzer

ICCES providing web-based vehicle’s trip analyzer reports that will be based on engine start and stop location. The Trip Report include start-top location, distance, travel time and average speed of each trip.

Vehicle Security

Real-time monitoring make our customer know where is their vehicle, where it goes and what it do, anytime. This certainly make the vehicle much more secure, especially from thefts threat. As other option is to install an ignition cut off module which can be activated remotely using our system. This can be very useful when a vehicle is stolen and we want to make sure the vehicle cannot be turned on when it stop. Panic button can also be installed to enable driver alert central office when he/she get a trouble.

Driver Safety & Identification

Our Tracking system automatically record and analyze every driver performance and behaviors based on vehicle speed, harsh acceleration and harsh breaking event. This information could be helpful to monitor and to educate every driver to make they drive more safely. when a vehicle exceeding a maximum speed, will activate the over-speed alarm. ICCES Track can automatically send alert to supervisor via SMS or email when a vehicle is over-speeding. Driver Authorization & Identification will be done by iButton reading which is the most straight-forward way to implement driver authorization in our customer vehicles.

Providing tracking devices & solution in the Kingdom

we makes your vehicle safer, and keeps it safe at all times within its own monitoring range.

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