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Point to Point dedicated IP capacity.

         Point to Point Connectivity (SCPC)

         Point to Multipoint

         Dedicated capacity

         High Throughput

         High Quality IP

         Small antennas

         Includes Remote hardware

         Includes Installation if required


A complete end to end solution.


Product Overview

YahLink offers a fully managed carrier grade end to end solution for high capacity IP requirements.The Solution provides satellite bandwidth and all equipment, including installation and maintenance for large bandwidth requirements.

The service is based on Newtec’s FlexACM system which changes the modulation code to allow for weather conditions without losing the signal, resulting in “Always On” connectivity. YahLink offers the region’s first cost effective IP trunking on Ka band for carriers in the Middle East, South West Asia and Africa.


Service Benefits

         Highest efficiency link means lowest operational cost

         Direct connectivity to the Internet on Fully station kept Y1B satellite

         Flexible bandwidth packages with scalable data rates to meet customer need

         Rapid Deployment: fast set up with small remote terminal





         YahLink provides an ideal solution for:

         IP backhaul for ISPs, Wimax, DSL, Cellular data offload

         Oil & Gas exploration/production connectivity, Government sites

         Remote offices/projects, military camps

         Utilities, Media & Content delivery



Key Features



DVBS2 with ACM SCPC links


20Mbps to 100Mbps


up to 20Mbps






1.2m or 1.8m

         Depending on Link budget


Committed Information rate

         Constant dedicated throughput service


Adaptive Coding manages the link to run at optimum efficiency at all times

24/7 Support

Yahsat and Newtec

Engineering support



System Architecture



Remote Unit


         Quick and easy to install

         Small antenna 1.2m or 1.8m, 4W, 10W BUC

         Newtec EL470 modems

         Newtec EL830 PEP acceleration (optional)

         Simple to mount

         No tracking

         Yet still high thoughput


         Yahsat NOC  24/7 support. Level 1,2,3

         Newtec Gold support package included


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