For geographically separated offices, warehouses, factories and branches this wireless point to point and or multipoint solution is your topnotch answer. We implement wireless point to point antenna system of up 35-40 kilometer depending on the line of sight. We usually conduct site survey or mapping so we can give you advise that is just right to your requirement. If you required connectivity beyond 40km we can provide you alternatives on how to design your network.

For International Data Connectivity we can provide you with Dedicated Link (SCPC) with link (uplink and downlink) beginning from 64kbps up 2048kbps (up to your requirement). Using state of the art communication and networking equipment you are assured that your business will be up and running at the soonest possible time.

You may as well use our satellite service to create your VPN or for your enterprise/business redundant or back-up link.

You may want to use your existing VSAT system to save cost and have your subscription with us, in this solution we will check if your present hardware (satellite receiver modems and other devices) will work with us and once everything is settled, then we can allocate for you link (up and down) that you need to run your business.

Point to Multipoint Link
In a point to multipoint link, you can have your several remote sites recieve broadcast data or information as they needed.