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ICCES Smart Camera Clever Dog


Clever Dog is an easy-to-install smart home device which supports WiFi that will enable you to monitor the goings on at your home and/or business, office or anywhere that you want to watch from a distance.

Real-time Video capture

Full-duplex speech, Enhancing Family relationship

It supports full-duplex speech, and lets you communicate with your family so you can see and speak to your loved ones, enhancing the relationship of your family.

Motion Detection, Real-time Alarm

Supports motion detection and auto-captures dynamic images. It would transfer the alarm message to your smartphone or tablet if it judged that your property was being invaded.

Intelligent video recording, Quick Reviewing

It supports auto-recording, and can quickly locate pictures by timeline.

Sharing Your Exciting Moment to your friends

It supports video picture capture, so you can share exciting moments with your friends and family.

P2P Services, Secure and Convenient

Deploying P2P technology, it can establish direct connection between smartphones and the camera.

Very Easy to Install.
1. Just Download the Mobile App - Search CleverDog. Apple Store or Google Play.
2. Ensure the camera is connected to a USB port or a USB Wall Plug.
3. The App will instruct you to pair the camera - Press the button at the front of the camera and hold for a few seconds.
4. Pair will take under a minute.
Full instructions included.
WIFI: Supports IEEE8012.11b/g
Power: DC 5V,500mA, Micro USB port cable
Size: 85x85x110mm
Video: Code: H.264,Resolution720 x576@15pfs
Night Vision: Built-in photographic lenses, automatically enabled infrared LED under low illumination
Storage: Support Micro SD card, maximum capacity 32GB
The majority of most home networks are running on 2.4GHz. The Clever Dog will work with all home network routers using 2.4GHz wireless frequency. If you are using a 5GHz router then you will need to set up another network using a 2.4GHz frequency.

Please note that this product is supplied with a USB cable only. USB plug is sold separately

Color Available: Blue, Gray and Orange



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