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Emergency Relief

Leverage satellite communications to provide life-saving services
Success in emergency relief is measured by quick response times and the ability to access real-time Internet voice, video and data from a scene, command center, news source or

Disasters are unpredictable, which is why it’s important to have a communications plan with progressive technology that is quickly deployed in any environment and under any circumstance. Using satellite is ideal because it is independent of terrestrial infrastructure.

iDirect offers a satellite solution that provides the reliability and global coverage that you can depend on during an emergency, and the technology that can support many types of emergency relief deployment:

    • Fast set up and connectivity while first responders assess the emergency


  • Emergency vehicles equipped with auto-pointing antennas that can be on the air in mere minutes
  • Communications-on-the-Move technology allows vehicles to remain connected while traveling to the emergency


  • Supports voice, data and video in real-time and advanced services such as mobile cell sites for GSM or 3G services, or mobile TETRA radio base stations

With the iDirect Intelligent Platform™ first responders have full communications capabilities with voice, data and video whether in a densely populated urban area where the infrastructure is damaged, or a remote and isolated location where no infrastructure exists.

Easy set-up and operation is guaranteed with iDirect’s compact satellite router including a satellite modem, IP router, TCP optimization over satellite, Group QoS/prioritization and AES encryption. The routers are user-friendly and reliable, enabling field teams with little or no technical expertise to easily set up and activate the system from any location.

Global mobility can be achieved with iDirect’s Global NMS and Automatic Beam Switching (ABS). With ABS, emergency relief vehicles equipped with iDirect remotes can move across satellite footprints, maintaining seamless connectivity with no need for manual intervention by field technicians. A simple Global NMS enables the organization or network operator to manage each traveling remote, ensuring a consistent connection as it passes through separate networks around the world.

iDirect’s emergency relief solution is critical for public safety agencies, providing reliable, always-on communications technology in the event of a crisis or disaster.